Handmade Japanese Vintage Pottery Tea Set

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When you are known for your fine taste in art and tea

An exquisite collectible gift item - Delight your loved ones by surprising them with an authentic vintage tea set, not available/sold in stores.

A classic example of the romantic, floral tradition of Japanese handmade tea sets, draws inspiration from the extravagant rococo styles of the 18th Century. This Teapot is decorated with a simple yet highly expressive bird design and a light brown border.

With gaining popularity of vintage style tea set, this Ceramic Vintage Tea Set is a collectible and a classic in complementary colors and patterns. 

Excellent for brewing black tea, green tea, scented tea, Pu-erh tea, and other popular tea kinds.

Material: High-quality Ceramic
Surface processing: Underglaze
Teapot capacity: 470ml
Cup design A capacity: 100ml
Cup design B capacity: 150ml
Teampot dimensions: 10cm X 10.5cm X 5cm
Cup design A dimensions: 6cm X 5cm
Cup design B dimensions: 7.5cm X 7.8cm

Package included:
1* Teapot
2* Teacups (Choose A or B design)

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